• Red carpet complex hair shine,
  • Brazilian Keratin hair treatment has approached the 21st century with a revolutionary hair treatment which repairs damaged hair leaving it shiny, soft, and frizz free for an extended period of about 4 months. Hollywood keratin developed to keep hair straight and keeps the blow-dry for longer. Luxury ingredients enriched with cationic technology. Improve the hair structure inside out. It can be used right after any colouring, decolorising or perm service. Intense nourishes and straightening effect. Formaldehyde Free.    
  • London Keratin is the authentic formulation of Brazilian Keratin. London Keratin is specially developed for european countries where the weather is different from South America. The original ingredients improved for european weather keeps the hair more healthy, smooth and shinier for longer. One step and get rid off frizz, straightens waves or softens curls up to 4 months with the shine by London look. LONDON KERATIN is the authentic treatment developed to leave the hair smoother and shinier for longer even in damp or humid weather. Restores and type of hair instantly. Developed with LONDON KERATIN formula, restores the hair structure and it can be used in any type of chemical. Especially developed for coloured, highlighted, relaxed and extra dry hair. ABLE TO WASH THE HAIR IN THE SAME DAY, use ponytail or wear tie. Formulation Anti-Breakage, perfect use straight away after chemical processes. (Used by professionals) Formaldehyde Free.
  • London Connection Keratin: Hair treatment in a permanent blow dry it.  It can be used right after any colouring, decolorising or perm service. Intense nourishes and straightening effect. Especially developed for blonde and fine hair.
    Direction: After shampooing hair with  London connection deep cleansing shampoo, dry the hair %100. Separate it into thin section. Using a brush, apply product from streak to streak spreading from the roots. Use a fine comb brush toward the bottom to remove the excess product. At the end of the application process, com hair for 5 minutes. Dry hair with cold hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure hair is %100 dry Start the  process with a flat iron ( titanium or seramic plated) 392 F (200 C ) for fine hair, 428F ( 220 C) for thick and stubborn hair. With straightening iron 10 to 12 times For fine and blonde hair London connection  deep cleansing shampoo direction, Massage in to wet hair 3 times. Rinse well. ( Used by professionals)
    Formaldehyde Free.
  • Beverly Hills complex hair repair keratin (1000ml) UK connection professional luxe introduces the world's style hair and connects you to Beverly Hills Luxury treatment developed to rescue hair structure. Exclusive repair complex keratin. Beverly Hills deep cleansing shampoo (500ml) Massage in to wet hair 3 times.rinse well. Can be use for thick and curry hair ( Used by professionals) Formaldehyde Free.